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Join Facebook as we host the Pyladies Meetup group at our campus. We’ve enlisted exciting panelists to share their stories about how they moved into a technical role, and a tech talk highlighting data and analytics at Facebook. 

This event would be a great chance to come mingle with our team as well as women from other great companies.

Drinks and appetizers will be provided.


      • Pam Costa
      • Analytics Manager
      • Pam Costa is an analytics manager in the Engagement team at Facebook where she leads a team focused on analytics for Facebook's mobile apps including iPhone, iPad and Android.  In this role, she works closely with product managers, engineers, designers and researches to craft analysis and experiments to help the team understand and improve user experience and engagement.  She is also particularly proud of launching DataCamp, a new training program to help all employees across Facebook use data more effectively in their day-to-day jobs. 

        Previously, she spent 12 years in various financial management roles at Apple, where she was most recently responsible for worldwide Channel Program investments and global expansion strategy.  Pam has a BS in Biomechanical Engineering from Marquette University and an MBA from Santa Clara University.

      • Brina Lee
      • Brina Lee is the first female engineer for Instagram, working on Android. Brina majored in Communications at UC San Diego as an undergrad, and began her first job at a startup in a marketing position. She quickly realized the company needed a website and taught herself to build it. She enjoyed coding and decided to pursue a CS degree. While taking the necessary classes to apply for a Masters program, she continued working part-time and later joined Yahoo! as an Interaction Designer. A year and a half later, after starting a CS Masters program at UCSD, she became a teaching assistant for Java classes and did software engineering internships at Google and Facebook.

        After joining Facebook full time and going through the onboarding program, she joined Instagram in 2013 as the first female engineer.

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